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My name is Jonathan Borichevskiy, but most friends just call me Jon.

Always • I enjoy learning and building things with computers. Passionate about cognitive science, environmental sustainability, and software engineering. Hoping to connect the three.

Future • Looking for opportunities to connect my passions with solving big problems - if you have a suggestion, please reach out via below links. Areas of interest include improving collaborative knowledge, cleaner energy, effective education and therapy, lowering access cost to space, artificial intelligence, and better institutional and democratic decision-making. My next steps.

Now • See my Now page.

Before • Founding Engineer at Vigilant, where I worked on acquiring lots of public data, back-end development skills, and some SRE experience. Co-founded Yedi Software, an attempt at improving 3PL marketplace efficiency. Born and raised in Sacramento, California.

Citizen of Spaceship Earth but residing in New York City as of right now.

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