Helping Azlen build, an experimental spatial audio environment to make online interactions feel more natural. Open questions:

  • How do we increase the feeling of presence in online applications?

  • Can we enable more realtime self-expression in mediums other than video?

  • How might we build friendly and accessible third places on the internet?

Next steps: user interviews/research, learning Vue.js, and a proper launch.

An Open Plan #

Collaborating with David to make it easier for anyone to discover and encourage creative & intellectual pursuits across the internet. We hope to do this with /plan pages, such as this one.

Explore others’ pages or add your own at

Next steps: really ironing out what we want this to be and spreading the idea.

Writing #

Though I get easily distracted, the next topics I hope to explore in detail: developing meaningful connections online, defining productivity relative to my goals, my ideal working environment, the balance between privacy and the open internet, and advice to my younger self. #

A continuous exploration in making my corner of the internet as useful and interesting as possible.

  • For me: a central place for collecting and presenting my creative work, highlighting other people & projects I find meaningful, and a way of holding myself accountable.

  • For you: making my work and bits of learning shareable, offering my help wherever possible, and making it easier for anyone to use the internet to their advantage.

Next steps: integrate parts of my Roam Research database, better tagging, hyperlinking, transclusion, and incremental full text search.

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