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How Coronavirus Infected My Brain

A mere three weeks ago I triumphantly published a post on my home-baked productivity system describing how Iā€™d successfully taken control of distractions in my life to get shit done. I was invincible. On top of the world. Roughly around the same time I started paying serious attention to updates about the virus. As the situation has escalated, so too has my obsession with following and thinking about it. A couple things:
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Digital Tools I Wish Existed

My digital life in a nutshell: I discover relevant content I don’t have time to consume, I find time and become overwhelmed with my scattered backlog, I wish the content were in a different format, and then I’m unable to find something again once I’ve consumed it. Not retaining enough is a valid problem but we’ll tackle that one later. There’s a lot of generalization in my summary but the core issue is an extraordinarily high level of friction in the process of finding, organizing, and sharing digital content.
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